Pilots, Pending, and Planned
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Proposals Awaiting Review or Award Decisions (listed in order most recently submitted and alphabetical by PI): 

  • Developing Strategies for EST Implementation among African-American Mental Health Providers 
    Renee Cunningham-Williams, PhD, PI; John Landsverk, Vetta Sanders-Thompson, Lonnie Snowden, Norma Ware, Roy Wilson, Lauren Gulbas
  • Implementing Healthy IDEAS: Improving Translational Strategies for Late-Life Depression Treatment Through Research-Agency Partnerships
    Nancy Morrow-Howell, PhD, and Enola Proctor, PhD, Co-PIs; and Lauren Gulbas, PhD, Investigators; Erin Leaver, BA, Coordinator Read more
  • Psychosocial Functioning of US Citizen-Children of Deported Immigrant Parents
    Luis Zayas, PhD, PI (NIMH - R01)
  • Increasing the Capacity of Providers to Monitor Fidelity to Child and Family CBT
    Kristin Hawley, PhD, PI; Charles Borduin, PhD, Co-Investigator; Curtis McMillen, PhD, John Weisz, PhD, Bryce McLeod, PhD, Consultants; through UMC

Active CMHSR supported pilot projects (listed alphabetically by PI):        

  • Adapted Acute Medical Rehabilitation as an Intervention for Late-Life Depression After Hip Fracture
    Eric Lenze, MD, PI; Nancy Morrow-Howell, PhD, Investigator (NIMH - R34) Read more
  • Adapting Interventions for Diverse Ethnocultural Children, Youth and Families
    (continuation of NIMH - R13 MH077403)
    Luis H. Zayas, PhD, PI (NIMH - R13)
  • Improving Perinatal Depression Treatment for Mother and Infant Shannon Lenze, PhD, PI (KL2 –Washington University School of Medicine)
  • Institutional National Research Service Award: Mental Health Services Pre-doctoral and Post-doctoral Training Program
    Enola Proctor, PhD, Director (competitive re-submission to NIMH - T32 MH19960)
    Read more 
  • Long Term Impacts of Maltreatment and Poverty on Children’s Health
    Melissa Jonson-Reid, PhD, and Dean Duncan, PhD, Co-PIs (NICHD - R01)
  • Missouri Therapy Network - a Practice Based Research Network (PBRN)
    Curtis McMillen, PhD, PI; Kristen Hawley, PhD, Co-PI; Erin Leaver, BS, Coordinator (12/07-04/10)
    Read more
  • Service Use and Related Outcomes Among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Paul Shattuck, PhD, PI (NIMH - 1R01MH089010-01)