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Implementing Evidence Supported Interventions Through A Network of Missouri’s Private Medicaid Practitioners

Effective, family-friendly treatments for youth mental health problems languish on the shelf unused while Missouri’s young people receive substandard and ineffective mental health treatment.  Often this is because training in these interventions is complex, limited, out-of-state, expensive and requires continuing supports. The Missouri Therapy Network – a new practice network of Missouri Medicaid mental health providers – proposes to use a package of web technologies to disseminate highly effective mental health treatments to private Medicaid mental health practitioners across the Missouri Foundation for Health’s (MFH) service area.

Principal Investigator:   McMillen, Curtis
Principal Investigator 2:   Hawley, Kristen

Project Start:   9/1/2009
Project End:   5/31/2011

Point of Contact:  
Erin Leaver, BS, Coordinator
Grant Number:   NIH - WU ICTS, 5UL1RR024992-02; MFH 08-0600-MSA-09
More Details: