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Adapting Interventions for Diverse Ethnocultural Children, Youth and Families

The objectives of the scientific meetings comprising this conference, titled "Adapting Interventions for Diverse Ethnocultural Families," are to advance knowledge and methods on integrating cultural constructs into extant interventions. We propose to bring together leading scholars in child and adolescent mental health, behavioral sciences, and intervention research to address five objectives: (1) to generate and refine conceptual models for adaptation that can generalize to diverse groups; (2) to identify and develop theoretically based methodologies for adapting extant interventions; (3) to foster dialogue among intervention developers and intervention adapters on navigating between the core elements of interventions and adaptation processes; (4) to support the development and testing of models, theories and methods for intervention adaptation by investigators, especially junior researchers; and (5) disseminate meeting content through print and state-of-theart electronic media made accessible to the public, clinicians, and investigators around the world through our interactive website. Through the proposed series of annual meetings we can address several challenges for advancing adaptation science.

Principal Investigator:   Zayas, Luis H.
Principal Investigator 2:  

Project Start:   12/1/2009
Project End:   11/30/2012

Point of Contact:  
Luis H. Zayas
Phone: (314) 935-9448
Grant Number:   NIMH - R13 H077403 Continuation
More Details: