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Partnership Development Among Mental Health Organizations

This dissertation study examines partnerships among a network of children’s behavioral health organizations and is a first step of a research agenda focused on the evolutionary dynamics of mental health service delivery systems and the impact on service delivery. The specific aims are to (1) Describe the network of partnerships among members of the Children’s Service Coalition and assess capacity of the system to provide coordinated service delivery, and (2) Examine partnership development by testing how patterns of organizational characteristics influence the conditions that facilitate and inhibit partnerships among a coalition of children’s behavioral health organizations.

Principal Investigator:   Bunger, Alicia
Principal Investigator 2:   Gillespie, David F.

Project Start:   9/30/2009
Project End:   7/31/2010

Point of Contact:  
Alicia Bunger
Grant Number:   NIMH - F31 MH088037-01
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