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Sustainability of Evidence-Based Healthcare: The Conceptual and Methodological Agenda

This small conference grant proposal addresses one of the most significant translational research problems of our time: in spite of rapid advances in evidence-based medicine, we know very little about how well or under what conditions healthcare innovations are sustained once they are put into practice. Building on recommendations from a 2010 AHRQ-supported conference on scale up and spread, we propose a working meeting to coalesce public policy leaders, donors, practitioners, and researchers around the topic of "sustaining the gains".

Principal Investigator:   Proctor, Enola K.
Principal Investigator 2:  

Project Start:   5/1/2011
Project End:   4/30/2012

Point of Contact:  
Stacey McCrary
Grant Number:   1R13HS020775-01
More Details: