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Reducing Disparities in Mental Health Expenditure among Children in Child Welfare

Children coming into contact with child welfare agencies constitute what has been described as the dominant public mental health problem when it comes to children. These approximately 5.8 million children are disproportionately non-white, and display considerable race/ethnic disparities in their utilization of mental health services. For the first time in the field of child welfare research, members of this research team are assembling a unique data set that links the respondents of a national survey of children in child welfare to their Medicaid claims data, along with information on Medicaid and mental health policies within their counties of residence.

Principal Investigator:   Raghavan, Ramesh
Principal Investigator 2:  

Project Start:   5/16/2011
Project End:   3/31/2014

Point of Contact:  
Ramesh Raghavan
Grant Number:   1 R01 MH092312-01A1
More Details: