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Preventing Conduct Disorder Among Children in the Child Welfare System

Children in the child welfare system are at high risk for serious disruptive behavior problems, including conduct disorder. Therefore, the prevention or reduction of early behavior problems is critical to improving long term outcomes for the vulnerable population of children in the child welfare system. The purpose of our project is to: (a) determine if Pathways Triple P results in better behavioral and safety outcomes than treatment as usual (TAU) for African American and European American children in the child welfare system and (b) evaluate how the cost-effectiveness of Pathways Triple P compares to TAU. Specifically, the aims of this study are to: (1) conduct a longitudinal, randomized control trial with 140 parents in the metro-St. Louis child welfare system (whose children are in their care at the time of study entry) to test the effectiveness of Pathways Triple P at improving child disruptive behavior among children between the ages of 5 and 10 compared to TAU. (2) Test the effectiveness of Pathways Triple P at preventing maltreatment recidivism; and (3) Measure and evaluate the costs and benefits associated with Pathways Triple P and TAU.

Principal Investigator:   Kohl, Patricia L.
Principal Investigator 2:  

Project Start:   5/1/2010
Project End:   3/31/2015

Point of Contact:  
Patricia L. Kohl
Grant Number:   NICHD - R01 HD061454-01A1
More Details: