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Early Childhood Connections (ECC)

Young children served by child welfare (CW) have very high rates of behavioral, mental health, and cognitive delays, yet these children are rarely connected to early childhood intervention (Cicchetti, & Curtis, 2005; Jonson- Reid, Drake et al, 2004; Leslie et al, 2005a). Parents served by CW are known to have a high rate of maternal depression (Leschied, Chiodo, Whitehead & Hurley, 2005; Wolfe, 1999). Among the CW parent population, however, drop-out from typical parenting programs is high (Chaffin, 2007) and participation in mental health services is low (Jonson-Reid, Drake, & Kohl, Under Review). "Early Childhood Connections" (ECC) is a novel service delivery system designed collaboratively by community agencies and the research team. Using a randomized design, this R34 tests ECC's ability to prevent child developmental delay and later mental health disorders, prevent recurrent maltreatment, and prevent or ameliorate maternal depression and stress in families with young children served by CW. ECC is innovative in its modification of existing services through coordination, collaboration and co-location (joint CW and ECC home visit) in this high risk population. 

Principal Investigator:   Jonson-Reid, Melissa
Principal Investigator 2:  

Project Start:   8/1/2009
Project End:   5/1/2012

Point of Contact:  
Melissa Jonson-Reid
Grant Number:   NIMH - R34 MH083871-01A1
More Details: