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Problem Solving Therapy Co-Location in Nurse Home Visiting (aka NuMoms Project)

Maternal depression during the postpartum period among poor urban minority women is a significant public health matter.  Our study aims to provide an evidence based treatment for depression, Problem Solving Therapy (PST), through a non-specialty mental health setting.  The intervention will be implemented by nursing staff trained in PST, through their home visitation programs.  Consequently, we will examine the effects of this brief and non-pathologizing intervention and identify barriers to accessing treatment depression in order to determine what system and treatment modifications are needed to effectively deliver depression treatment in home visitation programs.   

Principal Investigator:   Pfefferle, Sue
Project Start:   8/1/2008
Project End:   7/1/2011

Point of Contact:  
Lisa Lawrence                    
Grant Number:   R34 MH803085-01
More Details: