Dissemination & Implementation Research Core
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Dissemination & Implementation Research Core
Dissemination and Implementation Definitions
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Dissemination and Implementation Definitions


The WU ICTS initiative intends to advance medical knowledge that can improve human health. For consistency, the ICTS has usedthese definitions when discussing projects:

T1 Research: The translation of new understandings of disease mechanisms gained in the laboratory into the development of new methods for diagnosis, therapy, and prevention and their initial testing in proof-of-concept studies in humans including detailed phenotyping and genotyping.

T2 Research: Translation of initial research findings to test initial hypotheses and/or approaches in clinical trials, including development of evidence-based guidelines.

T3 Research: The translation of results from clinical studies into everyday clinical practice and health decision making, and identification and resolution of barriers to implementation of evidence-based guidelines into community practice.

T4 Research: Dissemination and implementation research, which identifies and resolves barriers to implementing evidence-based guidelines into community practice.

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