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Leadership, Investigators, & Staff
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Leadership, Investigators & Staff
The leadership, investigators and staff of the Center for Mental Health Services Research (CMHSR) support practice and service systems research aimed at improving the quality of mental health care for persons with psychiatric disorders. Working in and partnering with community-based social service agencies, they develop and test interventions to help improve response to mental disorder.
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Enola K. Proctor, Center Director
Nationally recognized for her work in advancing the implementation of evidence-based practices in social service settings, Dr. Proctor is a pioneer in the field of mental health services research.

J. Curtis McMillen, Associate Center Director
Dr. McMillen is Associate Director of the Center for Mental Health Services and Director of its Research Methods Core. His current research examines issues related to the quality of mental health services received by child welfare clients, quality improvement and assurance in mental health organizations and the service use of older youth as they leave the foster care system.

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Wendy Auslander, Director, Center Research Network Development Core
Professor Auslander's work focuses on health care/health behaviors, evaluation of interventions, behavioral and family research in diabetes, HIV prevention among adolescents at risk, minority health and health promotion, family functioning, and chronic illness.

John Constantino, Associate Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics, WU School of Medicine
Dr. Constantino has a long-standing research program involving the primary prevention of child maltreatment, which is linked to a public home visitation program supported by the State of Missouri. The program's goal is to develop a feasible and effective public health program for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. It will need to be linked to public mental health and social service systems to be most effective, and he is working on implementation of those components.  

Renee Cunningham-Williams, Associate Professor, George Warren Brown School of Social Work
Dr. Cunningham-Williams' research centers on the comorbidity of mental health disorders, particularly those relating to behavioral addictions, risk taking, and antisocial behaviors.

Kristin Hawley, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia
Dr. Hawley's current research focus is on improving youth mental health services in community-based settings by collaborating with service providers and families.

Peter Hovmand, Director, Social System Design Lab (SSDLab), George Warren Brown School of Social Work
Dr. Hovmand’s research focuses on how to implement and sustain innovations in human services and communities with applications in mental health, domestic violence, child welfare, health care, and natural resources.

Patricia (Trish) Kohl, Assistant Professor, George Warren Brown School of Social Work
Dr. Kohl’s reseach is informed by her clinical experience with maltreated children and their families in public and private settings. Her research focuses on the safety and mental health of children following entry into the child welfare system. Specifically, she studies how characteristics of parents within this system of care influence outcomes, and the translatability of evidence-based parent-mediated interventions into the child welfare system.

Eric Lenze, Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, WU School of Medicine
Dr. Lenze's areas of interest include anxiety and depression intervention in geriatrics and elderly persons' mental health during rehabilitation after a disabling medical event.

Nancy Morrow-Howell, Associate Director, Center Research Network Development Core; Ralph and Muriel Pumphrey Professor of Social Work; and Faculty Associate of the Center for Social Development at the Brown School

Professor Morrow-Howell has been on the faculty at the Brown school since 1987 and was named the Ralph and Muriel Pumphrey Professor of Social Work in 2003.

Carrie Pettus-Davis,

Assistant Professor Carrie Pettus-Davis has an active portfolio of research and direct practice experience focused on criminal justice and the needs of prison populations, including recently released prisoners. Her work in this area has earned her several awards including a prestigious Impact Award for conducting research of high significance.


Emily Woltmann,

Emily Woltmann joined the Brown School in July 2011 as an assistant professor. Prior to her faculty appointment at Brown, Dr. Woltmann completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Severe Mental Illness Training and Evaluation Center (VA Ann Arbor Health Care System), the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and the VA Ann Arbor HSR&D Center for Practice Management and Outcome Research.

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John A. Landsverk, Implementation Research Institute Associate Director
Dr. Landsverk is the Associate Director of the Implementation Research Institute. We brought him to the IRI to teach the Fellows about launching pilot work for implementation research, research methods challenges, and to facilitate the Fellows’ presentations.

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Katherine Montgomery, NIMH Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Katherine Montgomery’s research coalesces around implementation science and school-based delinquency prevention. Specifically, Dr. Montgomery is interested in organizational factors that influence the successful implementation of evidence-based interventions in the school setting.

Alex Ramsey, NIMH Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Dr. Ramsey’s primary research interests are in the implementation of technology-delivered (computer-, Internet-, and mobile-based) behavioral health interventions, primarily in the areas of substance abuse and mental illness.

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Ana Baumann, Research Associate
Dr. Baumann’s research involves reducing racial and ethnic disparities in access and utilization of services to treatment and quality of care by adapting, implementing, and disseminating evidence-based interventions for ethnic minority populations. She is also interested in international implementation and dissemination of evidence-based interventions.

Peter Doré, Center Director of Data Management, CMHSR/CAC Projects

Peter's interests include designing and developing database applications to improve the efficiency and accuracy of research data collection, he specializes in Subject Tracking/ Project Management databases and creating data entry systems.

Stacey McCrary, Project Manager
Stacey is currently the project manager for the project titled: Testing an Organizational Implementation Strategy in Children’s Mental Health.

Suchitra (Susie) Rath, Data Manager/Analyst
Susie Rath works as a Data Manager/Analyst for the Center.

Debra Robinson, Project Manager, TFCOY Project
Debra Robinson is  currently the Project Manager for Preventing Conduct Disorder Among Children in the Child Welfare System (National Institute for Child Health and Human Development- 1R01HD061454-01A1).