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Our Mission and Vision
Roles for Involvement

Roles for Involvement

The CMHSR's staff consists of an administrator, database administrator, analyst/data manager, qualitative research specialist, and administrative aide. Through George Warren Brown School of Social Work’s Business Office, faculty can access a grants manager, and through the School's Grant Development Office, they can access a coordinator for grant development. Principal investigators of funded projects hire their own implementation staff.

Project Principal Investigators (PIs)
PIs on a currently active, externally funded research project that is affiliated with the CMHSR.

CMHSR Investigators
Investigators (PhD or MD level) who have been awarded CMHSR funds for a pilot research project that supports preliminary work which leads an NIH R01 or R34 grant proposal as a mechanism to advance the center's specified research agenda. Members of Units, Teams, and Groups Internationally known mental health services researchers from across the country and local experts who contribute their expertise to the CMHSR as a whole and to several center projects. Members participate in the Research Methods Core Units and Teams, the Scientific Advisory Group, Communications Advisory Group, and the Ethics Advisory Group.

Researchers in a variety of disciplines, from Washington University in St. Louis and other institutions, who participate in conceptualizing and executing various CMHSR projects.

Internationally known mental health services researchers from across the country who contribute their expertise to a specific aspect of a CMHSR affiliated project. We usually have the consultant present a seminar when they come to our site.
Project Team Member
Investigators who have a designated role on a CMHSR affiliated project, including faculty, post-doctoral, pre-doctoral, MSW, and agency staff.  
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
This position facilitates career development of new researchers interested in mental health services. Contact the CMHSR to apply. 

NIMH Pre-Doctoral Trainees
Outstanding students are accepted into the CMHSR's competitive Pre-Doctoral Training Program in Mental Health Services Research, which is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health.

Research Assistants
Each year, the CMHSR and its affiliated projects have hired more than 50 School of Social Work students pursuing their MSW and PhD degrees to work for pay or for practicum experience.

Missouri Therapy Network
Network of therapists who have come together to learn new ways to advance practices; provide a group voice in policy and practice debates and conduct practical research on therapy.